Five Unexpected Things


Sitting at my computer, watching the rain come down for the third day this week (ugh!) I’m thinking about my Friday Five post. This has been an interesting week, so here’s a list of five things I wasn’t expecting:

1. A new dishwasher! To be fair, we picked up the new dishwasher last Friday night. The old one started making a strange, loud, grinding noise. Surprisingly, my frugal engineer husband determined the old one was old enough that he didn’t want to invest the money to fix it.

2. A Stainless dishwasher! Did you know the store charges an extra $100 for a stainless door? My old dishwasher was black (both my refrigerator and the oven are stainless) and I was perfectly happy to replace it with the cheaper black. I nearly fell over in a dead faint when the hubby said “I think the stainless will look better in the kitchen – let’s get that one.” We did and it looks GORGEOUS!

3. I planted herbs and a tomato plant. I have a black thumb. Everyone who knows me, knows this to be true. Last year I planted vegetables, and the year before that, and so on. Every year they die. I swore last year I would never bother again. Unexpectedly, last weekend at the garden center I broke down and bought a few plants, AGAIN. So far so good – wish me luck!

4. I downloaded yet another to-do app. I know, it’s like I’m addicted to these stupid organization apps. I can’t help myself, they look all shiny and new and promise reminders. This time I actually started using it – I moved the others off the iTouch so I wouldn’t get confused and moved it right to my front page. I like it – let’s see how long this lasts!

5. The website hacking or the freakin nightmare that is my host! Okay, so I will NOT go into detail about my current webhost until my account is closed (which could be awhile.) Only my site seems to be affected – not the other two I host on the same account, but I don’t know for sure because my host won’t tell me. Maybe they know, maybe they don’t – maybe they just don’t care. Their response from the start of this mess has been “make sure you have the latest backups from all three sites downloaded, then we’ll just wipe out your account and you can rebuild all three sites from your backups.” That’s it. Yes, this is exactly what I have time for. They have no phone number. Only support tickets. Frustrating.

Enter new host (yay! Hostgator!) and the tech guy who answered some of my questions before I was even a customer at 10pm the other night! He said they can scan my site and find the problem and move my site to their host, ensuring my site was clean when it moved over! I signed up the next morning and we just got the ball rolling on the transfer, but it takes time for all the ducks to get in a row and for the DNS to point to the right place.

So here we are at my old wordpress blog! Thanks for following me over here – hopefully by next Friday, I’ll be back in my old comfy site!