Welcome Spring!

Finally it’s getting warmer in my neck of the woods! I’d love to personally welcome all my visitors with a warm hug and a cool drink, but even though that would be impossible, I still hope you’ll stay awhile and visit with me here in my cyberworld. 

From timeless historical tales to modern lighthearted stories, you’ll always find a little spice and a happy ending – but there’s more to explore here on the website. Not only will you find my books with buy links and excerpts, I blog frequently about my life as a romance writer and I hang out in places like Facebook and Twitter. You’ll find all my social links along the sidebar. So, take off your shoes and grab a drink – I’m glad you stopped by!




April 2011 ~ The Kandy Shoppe has a cover! 


* * * * *

January 2011 ~ The Kandy Shoppe SOLD to Breathless Press!


* * * * *

November 2010 ~ A Fistful of Fate released by Lyrical Press!

 A Blacksmith from the past, armed with magic pearls and bound by a witch’s curse turns an historical reenactment into a second chance to win the woman he’s loved for 200 years.


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