2 Page Tuesday

Welcome to 2 Page Tuesday!

I’m in the hot seat today to kick off this new blog feature. I’m even giving away a prize to one lucky winner – details at the end of this post! (How’s that for some incentive to read to the end? LOL)

Today marks the last “real” day of school for both my middle schooler and my high schooler. The next few weeks will bring crazy bus schedules as the kids go in and out at odd times for testing. Things may change for them, but my schedule doesn’t change, I’m still expected to be at my part-time Monday-Friday job at the same time every day. (You know, same bat time, same bat channel!) Once the craziness of testing is over, my summer writing schedule WILL change.

During the school year I get more writing done in the late afternoon, while the kids are busy with their homework. During the summer I get more writing done in the early morning hours when everyone else gets to sleep in. My favorite part about writing during the summer has to be taking the netbook outside on the patio, a cold drink in my hand and the warm sunshine inspiring me. 🙂

My latest release is a novella perfect for the summer. The inspiration for this story came while standing in front of the ice cream freezers in my local grocery store one summer afternoon a few years ago – and having my trusty moleskin notepad in my handbag, I quickly jotted down the main storyline and character names.

Excerpt from The Kandy Shoppe:

No touching Jason Chapman. Ever. Again.

Kandy forced herself to stop looking at his ass. She was no imbecile; her reaction to his anatomy had to be heat induced. A hundred-plus degrees was enough to make anyone melt and maybe even become delusional enough to drool at the sight of his muscular thighs or those well-tanned arms, and just not care who noticed. Not that she wanted either of those parts anywhere near her. She mentally kicked herself for even entertaining hedonistic thoughts of that man. He’d had his chance, he’d blown it, and she’d moved on.

There’d been other men, other dates. Jason wasn’t the only man in town. Too bad he was the only man in town who could twist her insides as easily as his wrench turned the bolts on her freezer.

Jason cleared his throat, and the mirth in his eyes made it painfully clear she’d been caught staring at his ass. “Kandace, if this freezer wasn’t such a piece of shit,” he said while his gaze openly drifted from her eyes to her breasts, “I’d think you had other thoughts on your mind.”

Her name rolled sweetly off his tongue, bringing back the memory of a kiss she should have forgotten years ago. She folded her arms across her chest, not wanting him to notice her nipples hardening underneath the thin white cotton work shirt.

His gaze lingered a second longer on her breasts; then he made eye contact with her again.


“Can you fix it or not?”

“I think I’ve got the parts.” He had the audacity to wink again. She wished she could grab that wrench and hit him with it.

His cell phone chirped, and he wasted no time flipping it open. “Hey, Janice,” he said, turning his back.

Figures. Seemed like Jason was always on the phone with his latest flavor of the month. Not that she cared what he did in his personal life, but this was business, and she was paying him to work. If she hadn’t signed a service contract with his father, she would’ve stopped calling them months ago. How’d she know Mr. Chapman would retire and let his boys take over? She glanced at the clock, then back to Jason, who was now checking his phone for messages and smiling.

Could the man be any more self-serving?

“Do you think you could check on those parts?” she asked, followed by a dramatic huff and another exaggerated glance at the clock. He didn’t seem to think time was important. Why would he? He was getting paid by the hour and his flirting with her seemed to be part of his job description.

He arched a brow and snapped the phone shut. “I could. But first—” He put down his wrench and lean against the freezer, his dark eyes undressing her. “I want to know why you keep turning me down for dinner.”

Arms still folded over her chest, she tapped her foot impatiently. If she looked into those sultry eyes, she was done for. Instead, Kandy focused on the freezer and thought of her money melting away. Biting her tongue, she thought of a hundred rude remarks she could toss at him, but she inhaled a slow cleansing breath and remained calm. “Jason, can you please just fix my freezer?”

“Sugar, that didn’t answer my question.”

“Fine.” She looked him in the eye. Big mistake. She felt her legs begin to wobble. Think of the freezer, dammit. “I’m sure your girlfriend would have something to say about that.”

“Oh, her?” he asked casually, with a nod toward his phone. “Just a friend. Give me a chance.”

“I accepted your apology years ago. Let it go.”

            “I want a second chance.”

And now for the fun part – a simple contest! Comment here between now and Thursday (June 16th) at 11:59 pm. Friday morning I’ll pick a random winner to receive a free sheet of ice-cream themed scrapbooking stickers.

Thanks for reading along! Have a great day!