A Fistful of Fate


A Fistful of Fate



Genre: Romance/Paranormal
Digital ISBN: 978-1-61650-207-2
Length: Novel
Digital Publication Date: November 22, 2010
Cover art by Renee Rocco
Formats: .epub, .lit, .pdf, .prc (Kindle and Mobi), and pc and raw .html


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William Montgomery stood in the shadowed doorway and watched the woman he’d waited two hundred years for kiss another man. But Reginald Merriweather wasn’t just any man. He was the man William blamed for Rebecca Beauregard’s death all those years ago, a crime Will had been accused of and paid for. With his own life.


It didn’t matter that Will had been executed. He couldn’t have lived another minute without Rebecca by his side. In truth, his heart had stopped beating the second the bullets had pierced her body. Had he known she would jump between their dueling pistols, he never would have fired.


Now Will’s heart pumped a frantic rhythm he barely remembered in his chest. Two centuries spent in his ghostly form had dulled that particular memory. His blood began to tingle in his veins. Looking down, he saw his legs, his boots, and then his limbs had vanished once again. The change so abrupt he wondered if he’d imagined it.


Rebecca was alive, not a figment of his imagination. She stood on the street between his home and his blacksmith shop, dressed in twenty-first century clothing that showed so much more of her skin than he ever remembered seeing. Her dark hair bounced off her bared shoulders beneath a wide-brimmed hat. So full of life, her smile intoxicated him even from this distance. He wondered if her eyes were the same shade of hazel with green specks and full of mischief, if her skin would still smell like freshly picked lavender.

He stepped out into the summer sunshine to venture closer, expecting her to notice him, to recognize him and call out in the voice that had haunted him these long, lonely years. But she didn’t. She didn’t notice him at all. Neither did Reginald. Will was nothing more than a breeze, still a ghost.


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