About Debora

 Photo by Mark Oxley/Studio 16Photo by Mark Oxley/Studio 16

Honestly, I hate the whole idea of writing a bio, I much prefer making up characters, getting them into trouble and ensuring they find love to talking about myself. But since this is the bio page, I guess I can tell a few tales about what makes me – me.I’m a dyed in the wool New Yorker, but have lived on the sunny shores of San Diego for seven wonderful years before finding my way back home. I do admit being a New Yorker puts a different spin on my writing.

I’d love to say I learned to read at a very young age, but alas, I cannot lie. In fact, my parents spent many days afterschool meeting with teachers because I seemed to not care if I learned to read at all. If they only knew I was sneaking out of the classroom to hide outside, where I was so busy creating characters for the fantasy world in my head, I didn’t see the need to read.

But, I did eventually learn to read and haven’t been without a good book since. During High School I always had a romance novel tucked away in my bag, Victoria Holt and Barbara Cartland were favorites back then.

Being the true romantic, I assumed my knight on a white stallion would show up and carry me off into the sunset. My knight showed up in black Camaro instead, and we’ve been happily married for 24 years. Three kids and a few cars later – I’m usually spotted driving around suburbia in a green mini-van.

I still love to read romance novels, and am now enjoying letting my own cast of characters out of my head and onto some pages of their own.

In February 2006 I founded an online romance writers critique group, The Passionate Critters. Now together five years the group has grown from the original three members, including Jennifer Shirk and C.D. Yates to eighteen members, many achieving their dreams of publication from both small press to large NY publishers!

In January 2009 I co-founded the Dunes & Dreams Romance Writers, the eastern Long Island Chapter of the Romance Writers of America with Gina Ardito and Candace Gold. In 2009 I served as Vice-President (and webdiva, newsletter editor, and online workshop coordinator!) and was proudly elected as President for 2011.


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